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Explore Priscilla's Areas of Expertise

Personalized Care and Guidance

Services Offered

Couples Therapy

Tailored sessions are designed to address a wide spectrum of concerns commonly encountered in committed relationships, from enhancing communication skills to navigating the complex process of healing after infidelity and addressing any issue in between.

Sex Therapy

Priscilla provides a judgment-free, safe, and open environment where individuals and couples can comfortably discuss topics ranging from sexual health and disorders to exploring and understanding sexual identities with a focus on providing guidance and support.

Maternal and Postpartum Therapy

Offering parent-friendly therapy that warmly welcomes babies, with support extending from the conception phase through the years postpartum. These sessions are dedicated to assisting parents in navigating the challenges and complexities that arise as they take on the role of caregivers.

Ethical Non-Monogamous and Polygamous Relationships

Priscilla provides a confidential, non-judgemental, and secure space for couples of all commitment levels to explore and define their unique relationship agreements, acknowledging the evolving landscape of relationships in recent times. 

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